Monday, October 10, 2011


    I know of no law that dictates you have to let go when you reach a certain age. Do you?

    So why does one see so many older ladies look so terribly old? Why, if you have everything working for you, do you want to look like a wet old bag?

    Pamela is one girl that is not aging well, and only because she isn't looking after herself.

    I have posted this photo before, but it is an excellent example of Pamela not caring for herself. It beats me why one doesn't always wanna look one's best. Now I am not saying you have to dress up at home, (although I think I am spoiled, my wife always looks her best, even at home) but to appear in public like this? I think it is shocking.

    A perfect example of a girl that goes out of her way to look after herself, Cindy Crawford. I have never seen her looking any less than her best. Will you believe me if I tell you that Pam and Cindy is just about the same age, one year difference to be exact, and Cindy is older. If you look at the pics you will never say that.

    Another girl who looks after herself well, Michelle Pheiffer. And she is a '58 model, a decade older than both above girls. I see a stunning girl, who cares about herself.

    Dana Delaney, a '56 model, still looking stunningly beautiful and sexy.

    So what does the law say about getting old(er). Always dress to impress, there is no law against long hair, short sexy dresses, high heels, make up and great hair styles.

    I have to say one thing in Pam's favor though, she still has the legs, even if the ID drops a mite. And she is not shy to flaunt them.

    Before I forget, the MysteryMouth in my previous post, very few got her right, but those sexy legs belong to none other than Audrina Patridge.

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